July 3, 2010

Jerry Ghionis Workshop

Last week I had the immense privilege of studying with world famous Wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis. Jerry is one of those rare instructors who can not only inspire, encourage and wow you with his imagery but he can teach as well. It was an incredible 5 days in Vancouver and I can't wait to incorporate what I learned in Wedded Bliss's Weddings this season. Thanks to my models Danielle & Brandon and Dave & Quin!

Jerry working his magic:

With all the cameras around...you would think I would have gotten a picture with Jerry before the last day of class when all I had was my Iphone!


Jen said...

It was so great to meet you Renee! You look fabulous! (even from an i-phone's lens)

Leslie said...

Aww Ren, you look FABULOUS! Wish I could hug you and your belly. Hopefully we'll be home this summer to welcome the wee one :)