December 8, 2009

Down from the North Pole

I photographed Jenn & Damon twice the week of their Wedding. Normally I don't do a couples Engagement Session and Wedding in the same week but for those of you who didn't see their Engagement Session post, they live up in the Arctic Circle. They were only in the Okangan for a short while...then they were back off to the North Pole. I sent them their album today and I hope Santa delivers it before he starts his rounds :)

They are such a fun, loving couple; I look forward to seeing them when they are back visiting. As my Associate Photographer for the day, I had the über talented Brian Reilly to work with, and we loved experimenting with the new video light I had just purchased.

I decided tonight to post all 30 pages from Jenn & Damon's Wedding. They had a full day of coverage and the album really shows how the whole story unfolded. To see each page in a fuller version; please just double click on the image ;)

"We have wedding pictures all over our house, in our digital photo-frame, on our computer and we’ll have some printed on our next trip out of the north!!! I can not even begin to tell you how much we LOVE LOVE LOVE our pictures. There is not a single picture that we say “why the heck did they take that picture”, we love them all - all one thousand plus.

You and Brian make an excellent team and were so much fun to spend the day with. Both of you handle yourselves very well and seem to go with the flow naturally. All of your pictures blend together nicely and look amazing!

I have to thank you also for making everything so incredibly easy for me in the planning stage of things. When I contacted you, I was going solely off of what I’d found on the internet. I can’t say for a second I had second thoughts in choosing you as our photo-grapher. From the first time we spoke on the phone I knew that you’d be perfect and we’d get along just fine! I got off the phone with you and I kept telling Damon, she’s perfect!

Although the photography was the most expensive part of our wedding, it was worth every cent. Pictures say a thousand words and with all the pictures we have, really it’s all priceless.

Thank you very much for everything and thank you to Brian also. We enjoyed working with both of you. And when we have little babies you can bet that we’ll be calling you to take some more pictures :)

Jenn & Damon

P.S. Not many photographers would climb barbed wire fences, tearing a hole in their new jeans to get a great Engagement picture for their clients and I’m sure few would roll up their pants and get into a lake to take pictures like you did. That will always be remembered! All of those pictures turned out great and worth while!"

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Kate Mahaits said...

Nice work with the video light! And I really like the B&W on the water- with the bright sun burst! Very romantic... le sigh.