August 17, 2011

Monkey Doodlez Cloth Diapers

Monkey Doodlez is a great company that I've had the privilege of working with for their new ad campaign. Being a cloth diapering family, I was thrilled when they asked if I could photograph little ones wearing their new snap swim diapers and their great line of cloth diapers-the Tuck & Go system and their AIO (All in One) diapers. Thanks to all our fabulous models-Keira, Jack, Finn, Allie & Drue. I look forward to posting some of the ad campaigns soon!


Keeley Shaff said...

I love Monkey Doodlez! I use the AIOs when I leave my DD with family and they are so easy and simple to use. Plus, they look great! You're photography definitely does them justice! Just all around wonderful!

Wedded Bliss Photography said...

Thanks for the great plug for Monkey Doodlez Keeley! I too absolutely love the AIO's!

I loved photographing all their great products and the cute babies so thanks for the compliments :)